My Life with God

Busy or Full?

photo-1546008713-0f45a1d5c9d8There is a difference between a full life and a busy life.

I often hear two tones of people talking about their busy lives. They are sometimes overwhelmed. Sometimes they are nearly boastful, proud that their lives are important enough to be so busy. And sometimes, those two tones co-exist.

We can fill our lives with the wrong things. It doesn’t mean they’re bad things. But we need to constantly consider what the best options and responses are for each situation and season. We don’t need to justify our busyness. We don’t need to build it into something it’s not. Being busy doesn’t make us more important or valuable.

A full life can look similar to a busy life, but it is more intentional and purposeful. A full life involves permission. It is a yielding, an invitation, an engagement. It’s not about a schedule or list of obligations. It’s a series of choices, followed by a series of steps that don’t lock us into requirements but invites us into purpose.

I’m thankful for my full life and thankful God continues to lead me into pure purpose.

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