My Life with God


When have you seen themes in your life? God seems to remind you over and over about something. Someone comes to mind several times in a day. An idea is sparked and kindled over a week. You’re convicted to work on something in your life throughout the month. When you see recurring themes throughout your day or any period of time, it’s as if dots are being placed throughout your life. You’ll need to pay attention in order to see the recurring dots. Connecting them and noticing the pattern created by connecting the dots will guide you in your next steps.

It’s also important not to create your own dots. Sometimes people want something so badly that they make dots and connections where dots and connections don’t actually exist. Creating and ignoring dots are both detrimental. Watching and listening for God’s guidance and leading will help you see the patterns God wants to highlight in your life. Sometimes those patterns will be healthy patterns leading to growth. Keep going. Sometimes the patterns will be warnings of unhealthy habits and potential harm. Stop on a dot and leave that pattern behind.

Other times, the pattern has little to do with you. God is revealing himself. By showing up in your life in recurring situations, he is affirming his presence. He is inspiring you with his confidence and equipping you with his power. God is showing his wisdom to you through his sovereignty, and he’s challenging you with his opportunities of purpose. You might be tempted to look at the dots God is showing you and attempt to discover how God is using such connections in your life. Keep in mind it’s not all about you. It’s about God. When you connect the dots, let it be a testimony to God’s presence. Acknowledge and glorify him.

2 thoughts on “Recur”

  1. This reminds me of when I would do connect the dot puzzles as a youngster; teachers used them to teach number sequence in grade school, and if you didn’t follow the correct sequence, the picture would not look right. I was frequently frustrated as I would realize I needed to erase my error and find the correct sequence; the eraser marks told a story of my failure in my eyes.

    I am thankful that God’s grace will erase my errors and that in His eyes, my picture is still beautiful. I just need to pay better attention to His instructions to connect the dots correctly!

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