My Life with God

32 Seconds

door32 seconds is how long it takes me to walk to my vehicle and back to the work entrance I use. I don’t walk slowly, and I unlock my vehicle door on my way. I pretty much always park in the same spot, because we all seem to have unspoken but habitual parking places. And every now and then, I need to fetch something from my car in the middle of the day.

How do I know it takes me 32 seconds?

We have an automatic lock with a key pad. After unlocking it, it remains unlocked for 30 seconds. And nearly every time I walk outside to get something from my vehicle, the lock begins to automatically engage just as I approach the steps. There have been a couple times I’ve opened the door at the 29-second mark, and the lock rotates out, making it impossible to easily shut the door behind me. But most the time, I hear it engage as I approach, which means I have to wait another second or two before I can enter the code and disengage the lock.

So, it’s only a few seconds. It’s not that big of a deal. At least I don’t have to wrestle with a key, especially when my hands are full.

I would have guessed it took me closer to 20 minutes to walk to and from my vehicle. The only reason I know the time span is because I know the timing on the lock. In this case, it really doesn’t matter what the time span is, but I started thinking about other measurements or standards I might miss because I don’t have a reliable gauge. I might assume one thing yet be off significantly.

Time doesn’t matter nearly as much as truth matters. And many times, we go about our daily routines without using truth checks along the way. What are we assuming that isn’t correct? What are we sharing with others that misguides them? What are our distractions and misconceptions costing us and others?

Even though it’s part of my routine, the 30-second interval still surprises me. No matter how familiar I am with truth, it still surprises me at times. God’s abundance, grace, patience, and goodness surprises me. So does his timing and correction. In fact, it’s inconvenient at times. But that’s okay with me. I’d rather have a reliable reality check throughout my daily life than move through life and not know how far off track I am.

I’m grateful for the reminders he gives me to gauge and correct my pace and routines.


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