My Life with God

The Struggle Is Usable

Iphoto-1536598752745-2f04f1111bc0 had a rough couple days.

Among the struggles, I glimpsed the way God was cultivating some things in my life among the trials. They didn’t seem related on the surface, but because of how God was weaving them together and providing for me through them, I knew they were very much connected.

Among the mess, I had a pre-arranged opportunity to talk with high school students and a spontaneous invitation to pour into a community service group. I had a conversation about a reimagined event next year for which I will either speak or attend, and I took a phone call to solidify some details regarding an event later this year with a friend in ministry I haven’t seen in a while.

Despite how I was feeling about some situations in my life, God was reassuring me of his preparation. He continues to use whatever I offer of myself despite my own doubts and distractions.

Offering myself to him every day – multiple times throughout the day – is always worth the humility. Give it a try today.

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