My Life with God

Too Hot

photo-1454438992604-4a8e59768a5aI often run by my favorite convenient store in the morning before work so I can have my favorite fountain drink to sip on throughout the day. But after I was sick recently, I preferred tea every day for a couple weeks. A couple times a day, I brewed enough of my favorite soothing tea to fill a large lidded cup. I added a bit of honey and a few ice cubes to take the edge of heat out.

But one morning when I got to work, my tea was still too hot to drink. I could wait, I thought. But time passed and I needed to sip on something. I really wanted a sip of warm tea instead of just water, but the tea was still way too warm.

Water would have to do for a while.

Tea was the best thing for me, but not if it was too hot. Sometimes what we need or want and have prepared isn’t available. We need a temporary replacement.

Flexibility and patience are key. Sure, whether or not I drank tea that morning wasn’t a big deal, but there are many more significant times when we need to consider an alternative to what we need or want. We can pout, throw a fit, complain, or ignore the situation. Or we can find a temporary solution.

Something will not work out the way you expect today. Your attitude and response matters. Perhaps the situation itself won’t seem significant, but the way you deal with it will reveal your character.

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