My Life with God


20190420_100051I planned to walk my favorite trail my first Saturday off work following a busy season. It was going to be a bit chilly to start, but the sun felt good, and I was ready to breathe the fresh morning air.

I checked Timehop before leaving, and apparently, I’ve thought of walking the trail on the same day years apart.


It made me smile. I’m sure it’s because, as spring arrives and the weather warms, I am ready to recharge outdoors. I’m certain there have been years I didn’t think of walking the trail around this time, likely because of my schedule, weather, or simple laziness.

export63341891Consistency isn’t about getting stuck in a rut. And sometimes we’re consistent with the wrong things. But it’s important to reflect on the patterns we’ve created (and are creating) and determine if it’s the type of consistency we want. How is it affecting us? What are we prioritizing? How are we impacting relationships?

We’re all consistent about something. Notice your consistencies today and make adjustments more than excuses.

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