My Life with God

Worship Your Worries Away

photo-1475137979732-b349acb6b7e3There is enough to worry about in this world. None of us have a shortage of worries we could list every day. Some worries are justified, and some aren’t. We can work ourselves into worrying about things that shouldn’t be worried about and set aside some more serious things that we need to attend to more intentionally. We can say we shouldn’t worry, but we still catch ourselves consumed with concerns. We can worry about how much we worry. We compare ourselves to others and wonder how other people seem to worry less or be thankful for not worrying as much as others.

I’ve found one solution to worries: worship.

I’m not talking about attending a worship service, although that can certainly be one aspect of worship. But to worship away our worries, worship must be our lifestyle. We turn to God with everything. We let him tend to the early weeds of worry, and we let him do the tough work of pruning the overgrowth of worry. We don’t focus on worry as much as we focus on God.

That’s what worship is.

We choose to trust God in the midst of our stresses and concerns. We choose to see his goodness in it all.

Our choice of priorities determines whether we see the joy in life or the worries of life.

Our choice of priorities determines how we respond to the joy in life and the worries of life.

Our choice of priorities reveals what we worship.

I choose God for many reasons, and one is his faithfulness. I find abiding truth within him, and when I worship him, keeping my worries in context is a secondary benefit. The best benefit is knowing God and going deeper with him each step of the journey.

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