My Life with God

Sweet Lunchtime


During a recent lunch break, I left work to spend time with my granddaughter. She laid on the bed and played. She kicked and smiled and played peekaboo. I picked her up, and we snuggled.

My lunch break was no longer than usual, but it was packed with sweetness. I was in the middle of a busy day, trying to get a lot done before I left work for a week. I could have easily chosen to stay at work to check things off my list, but that break energized me. Those snuggles reminded me of the joys of life. I reset my focus.

Every day is full of choices. We set priorities. We need to be responsible and get some things done, but each day isn’t only about tasks we accomplish. Our thoughts, attention, attitudes, and interactions matter.

How do you evaluate your days? What do you consider a full and rewarding day?

How worthwhile will today be?

2 thoughts on “Sweet Lunchtime”

  1. A full and rewarding day is when I know I have shown God’s love to others 🙂 Sharing time with family and friends is a rewarding day. Volunteering in church and community is a rewarding day. So many ways to show His love to others. 🙂 Have a blessed day!

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