My Life with God

At The End of The Day

photo-1495837174058-628aafc7d610Sometimes I’m proud of something my girls accomplish, but I’m more deeply proud of seeing who they are becoming. We recently had a day together that had a variety of challenges – a series of crises that were serious at the time but ended well enough that we could laugh about it all at the end of the day. Everyone dealt with themselves and each other well. A few different choices, and the day would have ended much differently. We wouldn’t have been laughing. We might not have even been speaking. But at the end of this day, we could appreciate each other.

It’s one of the things I love about watching my girls grow into adulthood.

Sometimes a good day isn’t a day that is void of challenges but a day when we work through challenges and end up on the other side, able to sigh and appreciate we made it through. Together.

Today (or this week or month or year) might not be great for you. It might be wrought with issues and frustrations.

Deal with yourself well. Take responsibility. Deal with others well. Be respectful, patient, and humble.

Everything might not turn out the way you prefer, but you will maintain some dignity and relationships along the way.

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