My Life with God

Taking My Attitude to Task

photo-1518976024611-28bf4b48222eMay has always been a busy month for me and my family, but last month was exceptionally busy. I started to stress about the many things I needed to get done, which seemed to be a myriad of several things on several lists from several areas of my life. It seemed like a lot.

I don’t typically stress much about what needs to get done. I did what often helps; I organized. I shortened my list as much as I could, but I still felt some pressure. That’s how I knew my problem wasn’t my list.

My problem was my attitude. I was approaching everything poorly.

I took a step back and decided to savor the season and process. After all, much of what was going on in my life was good. There were celebrations, transitions, and possibilities.
I let myself off the hook. I still worked hard, but I also rested well.

One evening in an incredibly busy week, I decided to focus on some miscellaneous tasks at my new house. They weren’t the “must do” items. They were important to me but not essential. I accomplished a ton without rushing around. Instead, I simply enjoyed settling in and making a home. I decided to go ahead and fit in a quick workout, then work on a few things at the other house before heading to bed. Bedtime ended up being delayed, but that was okay. Instead of feeling stressed or overwhelmed or exhausted, I was simply grateful.

My task list didn’t change. My attitude did, and that changed the way I approached and ended the day.

The simplicity of gratefulness has incredible strength.

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