My Life with God

Please, Take a Seat

photo-1507138451611-3001135909faI’ve often written about my desire to grow a community home, constantly inviting others into my home as a place to find comfort, honest conversation, laughter, truth, and accountability. It was my prayer throughout the process of transforming a house into my home.

Two weeks after moving in, I left work to meet a delivery truck. I had been using patio furniture as living room furniture, but I eventually wanted it…on the patio. I found a couch and love seat that fit my home well. Plus, it was on sale. So, I’d made space, and the delivery men placed both pieces exactly where they fit best. I tossed on some throw pillows and thought about the family memories and conversations among friends that would fill the room in the months and years to come.

A mere several hours later, a college-age friend and I sat on the new furniture and mulled over life. We talked about life choices, faith attitudes, authentic conversations, and spiritual roadblocks. We shared life. She left well after dark, and I stood in my home and smiled. I hope I encouraged my friend. I know she encouraged me. I thanked God for providing.

Open your door and your heart today.

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