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An App for That

photo-1516748413653-9829208eeb5bI will likely catch a lot of flack for this post, but here goes…

There’s a Walmart app that helps with your back-to-school shopping. And by “help,” I mean the app allows parents to access their children’s supplies lists, link to and choose each item, then have items shipped to their home (or picked up for those adventurous enough to drive to the store).

I cannot imagine not shopping in person to get school supplies. Oh, I know it’s perhaps not quite as fun now that many teachers and schools designate specific brands and counts so that every student starts the year with common supplies. But there are so many fun supplies to look at.

I get it. Some people’s schedules are too crazy to try to brave the crowds and risk a store not having some items in stock, so even more time is sucked up with getting kids in and out of the vehicle and more stores while on the hunt for that one supply we begin to question even exists.

But my girls and I had such fun adventures as we meandered two or three of our favorite stores and oohed and aahed over cute supplies (even if some were ridiculously priced or just plain weird and we were shocked anyone would buy them).

Yes, I probably sound old right now. “Remember the good ol’ days when…” Sure, not everyone enjoys the process. Shopping apps – and many other apps – make our lives a bit easier. I use plenty of them. I’m glad a lot of apps exist, and for many of you, even the Walmart app I might not have used is going to be a time-and-sanity-saver for you.

But refuse to use an app for everything. Saving time isn’t everything. Sometimes we need to savor time instead of save it. We need to set aside maximizing and multi-tasking for relationships and memories. Maybe not during back-to-school time, but some time. Often.

And maybe you’re available in ways other parents aren’t. Maybe you can help in a similar way the app serves a parent, and offer to take their kids back-to-school shopping (or some other activity). Lighten others’ loads, and be intentional about how and why you lighten your own. And that process is going to take some thinking…for which, there is not an app.

2 thoughts on “An App for That”

  1. Shopping for school supplies is one of my favorite annual activities! It doesn’t matter than my youngest kids are now in college — I shop for me! I never fail to be excited by the deals on colored pens, markers, index cards, glue sticks, notebooks — oh, the fun! It doesn’t matter than I still have some left from last year. And I shop just for the chance to donate; it gives me an excuse!

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