My Life with God

Temporary Weariness

blogger-image--807141I woke up rested yet weary.

It’s an odd juxtaposition, feeling physically rested yet emotionally weary. At first, I thought it was spiritual weariness I felt, but I laid in bed and prayed and realized that wasn’t an accurate assessment.

It’s been worse.

Sometimes, several kinds of weariness collide, creating an overwhelming combination. To me, it’s helpful to identify the weariness. It helps me know some options to specifically help: getting to bed earlier, praying and reading Scripture before getting out of bed, being patient with myself and others through the day, writing, serving. It’s also helpful to isolate the weariness to remind myself of its limited impact. It doesn’t consume or define me. It doesn’t wreck my life or my day.

Weariness is temporary. It is limited. It is always survivable.

3 thoughts on “Temporary Weariness”

  1. I was feeling the exact same way yesterday and was also trying to “diagnose” why..was it the weather (cloudy) boredom (with my routine) laziness, lack of focus, lack of direction..then I cracked open our new bible study book (Hebrews) and the title of lesson one is “fulfillment in Christ”..and just like that I was reminded once again..I need to keep putting Him first in my life-every day. He is the fulfillment I keep seeking- nothing and no one else.


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