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Dig Ditches

photo-1544586428-d55e8f24e354We need to dig ditches where the fire needs to stop. We want to focus on the fire, but while we’re focused on an isolated area, we lose sight of the bigger picture. When we widen our perspective and consider the next step, we can prepare boundaries that minimize the damage and loss we experience. We won’t completely eliminate the damage and loss. Life is messy, and if we’re honest, most of our growth comes after seasons of pruning and moments of fires that get rid of overgrowth, including what we’re hanging onto but needs to go in order for us to move forward with a slightly (or drastically) different perspective.

The truth is digging ditches where the fire needs to stop isn’t comfortable much of the time. Setting healthy boundaries isn’t as easy as we wish. I’m not always sure if I’m willing to do what God’s going to prompt me to do when I ask him, so sometimes, I hesitate to ask. But I’ve learned I can trust him. I know he will provide in ways that lead me into and away from situations and people. His ways have purpose I can’t find without him. I don’t always understand. Sometimes I squirm. But I am nearly always grateful.

Digging ditches is hard. So is faith much of the time. But getting dirty and sweaty and smoky while pursuing God is totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “Dig Ditches”

  1. Boy do I understand this message! The Lord used this passage to teach me why we have to press onward in spite of what we see, think, or feel. What He taught was that even in situations that seemed unfavorable and definitely were uncomfortable, He was using them “all” to ultimately prepare and equip us for where He was leading us, in order to accomplish His will in our lives

    “And he said, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’ 17 For thus says the Lord: ‘You shall not see wind, nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you, your cattle, and your animals may drink.’ 18 And this is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord; He will also deliver the Moabites into your hand. 19 Also you shall attack every fortified city and every choice city, and shall cut down every good tree, and stop up every spring of water, and ruin every good piece of land with stones.”…2 Kings 3:16-19

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  2. God is truly amazing because as soon as I saw the topic on this message, He immediately reminded me of the passage He’d taught me from, BEFORE I read it!! Have Your way in our lives Lord.

    Just the other day He taught me something else I feel compared to share. I had typed a message to email to someone that was more revealing and transparent of my journey, and I simply saved it…Not long after that, the Lord spoke saying, email it now! He then taught me to not hesitate when He gives me that nudge because sometimes the messages He gives us to share are time sensitive! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to share it, I just wanted the timing to be right!

    Have Your way in our lives Lord! Use us as You see fit, and help us to always comply with Your leading!! Where we’ve been and what we’ve experienced has never been all about us, but accomplishing the Lord’s will! Just vessels!!

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