Come To The Water, My Life with God

Come to the Water (Part 1)

photo-1506744272967-64058cba4becThe exchange between Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 intrigues me. As I prepared to speak at a women’s event, I felt drawn back into the account I had studied and spoken on before.  I began to journal and knew I was writing some of the same thoughts I’d processed before:

Jesus went a less traveled way, splitting from his disciplines, but knowing there was purpose. He took a risk, meeting a lone woman in an isolated area, and a woman with a poor reputation around men nonetheless. But Jesus was less concerned about his reputation as he was about her future.

As they talked about water, the woman continually referred back to literal water in the well, because at the time, it’s all she knew. We do the same thing. Just as she was in her routine of trudging the path to the well to access water she needed for everyday life, we trudge to and dip from our familiar routines and wells – whatever brings us meaning and contentment even if our motivations and dependence are misguided.

The woman thinks she is standing next to a well, talking to a man. In reality, she is standing next to a hole in the ground, talking to the well that sustains life for her.

What holes are you relying on for insufficient provision? What holes are you trying to fill by trudging to them and dipping into them regularly?

We spend so much time and energy on the holes of our lives when only Jesus can make us whole.

We have to be willing to step out of our comfort zones. Sometimes Jesus meets us within our routines, like the woman at the well, and rattles our perception. Other times, God rattles us completely out of our routines in order to fracture us into wholeness.

Let’s dig into that more tomorrow.

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