Divorce, Fractured Into Wholeness, My Life with God

It’s Been A Lot

FIW10The feedback I’ve received as people read Fractured Into Wholeness has been overwhelming at times. It’s been surprising, heart-breaking, and motivating.

Motivating…because people share how reading my story and my decisions throughout it affirmed or challenged them. Just because I chose well at various points of a crisis doesn’t mean I always choose well. I’m challenged to continue to take the next right step with my actions and attitudes. I have a lot to correct along the way, but I will continue to grow.

Heart-breaking…because there are far too many people who have been hurt by others who committed to share a lifetime and love them, only to be betrayed and dismissed years later. I have heard the similar story with varying details dozens of times now. My heart breaks for the women (and a few men who have shared their stories) who have been set aside, as well as for the sons and daughters of those fractured relationships, no matter what their ages. My heart breaks for the men (and women) who seem to get to the point in their lives that they think the only answer is to lie to themselves and others, choose an about face to try to satisfy their doubts and insecurities, and reject so much and so many people who provided an imperfect yet loving support system.

Surprising…because of the variety of responses. People motivated to forgive someone who hurt them. People ready to move on and let go of the dream of what could have been when they can’t change the situation. People reaching out to others to authentically share their journeys. People taking just one step toward spiritual health. People sharing their books with others and getting together to chat about their own fractured into wholeness journeys.

Despite Fractured Into Wholeness being about my own experiences, it’s not about me. Ultimately, it’s about God. I pray every detail of it points to him. After all, he’s the one who guides the fractured into wholeness process. And the way I see him working through it has overwhelmed me at times. I have been blessed with many new acquaintances. Even if we haven’t personally connected, I encourage you to reach out to someone and share your journey. Do so with authenticity and hope. Walk the journey together.

Thanks for sharing mine.

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