My Life with God

When People Shift

15671145500871976314552So many people lose and shift their faith, and there have more than a few well-known people recently putting their shifts out there. And so many others are quick to analyze, diagnose, and offer solutions. Perhaps you know the person well or are simply aware of him or her through social media or another connection. Regardless of whether you can personally speak into someone’s life or only have the opportunity to reflect on the situation with others, remember this.

Have compassion.

Speak truth.

Be alert to your own stuff. You have experiences, personality traits, and aspirations that can help interactions or cause confusion and hurt.

Know everyone is accessible in some way. But it’s not always through you or your preferred way.

Remember we all have a process. We are responsible throughout it. No one’s journey is identical to another, but we have a lot more in common than we might be willing or able to observe and admit.

Where we are is not where we will always be.

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