Learning for a Lifetime

We learn some stuff along our journey that changes what we think and what we’re willing to do.

We might be hesitant to get married because we watched our parents go through messy divorces.

We might be hesitant to take a certain kind of job because we saw family members consumed by or betrayed in them.

We might be hesitant to authentically search faith because we’ve been taught something we didn’t understand or like at the time, or we’ve seen faith expressed in some ugly ways.

indexWe let the stuff we learn change the way we look at something, but are we willing to continually learn even newer stuff that might change us yet again? We welcomed and assimilated a contradiction before, but are willing to do so again? Are we committed to being corrected and leaning into truth, even when it puts a question mark on something we thought was firmly followed by an exclamation point? How certain are we, and how willing are we willing to slide our certainties under a microscope and watch for potential growth and change?

Just because we learned once doesn’t mean we’re willing to continue to learn. That takes commitment and humility. Are you willing?

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