My Life with God

Binge-Worthy Episodes

photo-1558990222-9ad30a9bdbcbWhy is binge-watching so popular?

That answer has several points to it, and one is the way shows are structured. They’re similar to a well-written book. Something piques our interest right at the end, and we must continue into the next episode or chapter.

What if we approached our spiritual life in a similar way? What if we allowed the highs and lows of life to prompt us to lean into anticipation of what’s next?

It’s easier to lean into the drama of someone else’s life on a show or in a book than our own. We want to anticipate the best but find a detour around the worst. But it’s all part of our journey. Each twist and turn leads us somewhere. We have options and choices. We can’t dvr our lives and pause, rewind, and skip ahead. Instead, we savor, endure, persevere, and hope.

Notice where you are today. Live this episode well.

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