My Life with God

Clean and Pray

photo-1577369117918-7e3785e39cb7Many students were sick leading up to the Christmas break at a local school where my daughter teaches. The last day was cancelled to attempt to contain the illness. The school sat empty for two weeks. Most the germs probably died, but common areas were cleaned well. My daughter and I cleaned all the surfaces in her room to take an extra precaution. Maybe it wouldn’t make a difference, but if it did, it was worthwhile.

We cleaned desks and chairs, tables and bookcases, and more. I sat on the floor beside the Chromebooks cart and pull out one at a time. Fingerprints were all over them. But instead of getting grossed out thinking about the possible germs, I started thinking about each student whose unique fingerprints littered the surfaces. Those fingerprints belong to individuals who each has their own struggles in school and at home. Each has abilities to be celebrated and potential to learn and grow.

As I cleaned each Chromebook, I prayed for the student and his or her second semester of the school year.

Our process didn’t take long, but it was a blessing to me, and I hope, to many students. It combined two things I enjoy—cleaning and praying. I am sorry so many students had been sick, prompting the need to clean, but it led to an opportunity for me to pray for each student by name.

What an honor.

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