My Life with God

Savored Stillness

photo-1568558772513-822caeff1badI turned off the light and slipped beneath the layers of my bedding.

I felt stillness. It surrounded me and filled me.

Scripture tells us to be still. We have some responsibility. We need to still ourselves at times, and that process looks different but can happen at the end or beginning of the day or in the middle of a crowd and chaos.

Stillness isn’t something we create. It’s present and available. Bu we don’t seek or settle into it at all times. We don’t recognize it or allow it to impress upon us.

Stillness is always a choice.

I felt stillness as I laid with my eyes wide open in my bed. And I savored the beauty and nourishment of the stillness.

God is good.

2 thoughts on “Savored Stillness”

  1. Stillness is a choice at the same time can be compelled by either a force or situation that’s beyond you. I remembered when I was attacked by armed robbers as I was being flogged with their long big stick I was shouting “Jesus is Lord” but by the time I was hit with the matchet honesty I thought my throat was slashed and I said with a loud voice Jesus is Lord, I was forced to be still and all through the period God rescued me from their hands l did not make any pem no noise out of fear I buried my head facing down where I layed right inside me reciting psalm 91.

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