My Life with God

Drive Through Generosity

photo-1564784669814-7bf9b1f587ccI didn’t have much time. It had been a busy day, and it was only 2 p.m. It was Christmas Eve, and I’d planned to work, but my daughter wasn’t feeling well, and I offered to keep an eye on my granddaughter so my daughter could rest. We played and read and snuggled until my son-in-law got home, then I hustled out the door.

I wanted to attend two Christmas Eve services, the first of which was out of town. I’d head straight back to town for a worship service at my home church. That left barely enough time for a quick change and drive through meal.

I wasn’t thinking about places closing early, so I was thankful I stopped when I did. The restaurant would close in less than an hour. As the employee extended my drink to me, I realized it was a smaller size than I’d ordered. I smiled and kindly asked him to check my order, that I might not have said the correct size. He chuckled as he replied he didn’t need to check but would gladly give me a larger drink—and that I could just keep the smaller drink, too. No charge for the bonus drink.

Merry Christmas Eve to me.

Then he handed me food and a $5 certificate to use the following month.

Another gift.

It was small but softened my heart. I had a brief but nice conversation with the employee, and while I don’t drive through the restaurant often, when I do and he’s working, we exchange another brief but nice conversation.

Whether it’s a holiday or busy for some other reason, whether you are frustrated or irritable, pause. Interact with people with generous encouragement. Express your gratitude. Live with respect and compassion.

Gifts multiple.

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