Divorce, My Life with God

On My Own with Others

photo-1517604931442-7e0c8ed2963cThere were several things I wanted to do before my busy season at work. Not all were on a task list to accomplish something. Several were intentional pauses, including going to a movie.

It was New Year’s Eve. I left work a little early and planned to see a matinee. Someone stopped by my house to visit, then another someone saw the first someone at my house and stopped by to say hi. I’ve often written about how I love welcoming people into my home and hoping they are comfortable coming and going, which is exactly what was happening. I don’t usually prod people out of my house. I enjoyed hanging out with them. But…I finally said, “You all are welcome to stay as long as you want and lock the door behind you, but I’m going to slip out.” They laughed and left at the same time.

I knew I’d arrive a little late to the movie, but there are always so many previews. I didn’t think about how many other people had similar plans to me that day, or that the particular movie I planned to see would be popular. So, there were only 20 seats left when I purchased my ticket. That was okay with me. One of the upsides to going by myself was not having to find two seats together. I’m not too picky about where I sit, so I didn’t need to please someone else’s preferences and therefore found a roomy place no one else apparently wanted.

Most people were there with the New Year’s Eve dates. The lights were already dim, but I glanced around and smiled. I was glad for them. Spending the afternoon with someone can be wonderful. Yet that appreciation for what others had that day resided right beside my peace with being by myself.

I’m okay on my own.

I’m glad so many people get to spend special days together. But I also find new ways to make days special. I watched a surprisingly good movie and shed a few sweet tears.

And I went home content—with a full heart ready for a new year.

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