My Life with God

I Remember

I posted a photo on social media a little over three years ago. As I recently scrolled through Timehop, I marveled at how long ago that day felt yet I felt it as if it was just a few weeks ago.


Such glimpses into the toughest season of my life rarely spur the intense pain I was feeling at the time. There are twinges of pain, along with sadness and continued progression through grief, but there is something much more important.

A reminder of faith.

God was faithful. He poured into and strengthened me in ways that I know I’m not fully aware And I chose him. I chose his truth and his pruning. I leaned into him to trust his healing. I knew him well, but he taught me with an intensity. And I savored walking with him.

I still do.


I do not remember in order to get stuck. I remember in order to continue moving forward. I remember in order to continue to seek and honor him. I remember in order to constantly appreciate him with gratitude.

You might be in the downpour or the sunshine or the darkening, swirling skies.

Lean in and walk with God.

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