My Life with God

Missed Appointments

photo-1522241112606-b5d35a468795God will never cancel his appointment with you.

It sounds cliche, but it’s true. We sometimes miss our appointments with him, or perhaps, more accurately, we ignore or avoid our appointments with him. We like the comfort of our own way. We want a blank appointment book to fill in as we want. Or we think that’s the case but learn it’s not.

God is consistent. He is present. He is trustworthy.

We are none of those things all of the time. We get distracted and selfish. But with some intentionality, we miss very few appointments with God. We pursue him. We value getting to know him. We invite him to correct and teach us. We notice and appreciate the little things. We let him in on everything we’re processing and feeling. We keep our interactions, relationships, habits, and experiences in the context of our relationship with him. We let him filter and guide and provide even when it’s uncomfortable.

He don’t take his availability for granted. And that’s something we’ll never completely get from anyone else.

Connect with him today—right now.

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