Morning Beauty

photo-1518058826990-37184871f9cbI stepped outside one recent morning and marveled at how beautiful the world seemed. The grass was a vibrant green. The light seemed pure.

And it was raining.

It wasn’t a downpour, just a gentle mist. In fact, the sun was still shining. As I walked across the damp grass, I wondered if I had even noticed the rain before I experienced the beauty or if the rain was an integral part of the beauty.

So many times the very things we see as hindrances can mesh into what we appreciate the most. Rain is often like that for me. Yes, it sometimes alters my plans, but it is also refreshing. It glistens in the sun after it falls on plants. It cleans surfaces. It nourishes vegetation.

Rain is often beautiful. So is the blue sky and the sun and budding leaves and blossoming flowers.

Notice the colors around you today. Find encouragement in the nature around you. Some people wake up to a grand view every morning in places like Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, Switzerland, New Zealand, and South Africa. You might see your surroundings as a bit more mundane. But you can still see beauty.

Look closely and appreciate where you are and what you have today.

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