My Life with God

The What and Why of Worship

photo-1513364776144-60967b0f800fWorship is a weapon.

It’s a weapon against discouragement and hatred, discontentment and bitterness.

Worship is also a tool…

a paintbrush…

and so much more.

We all worship something, and it’s important to know what that is. When done poorly, it can derail us or puff us up with a false sense of importance. The context of our lives can be misconstrued.

It’s important to wisely worship.

We often want to determine the focus and purpose of our worship in a way that puts us in the driver’s seat. We don’t want external mandates; we want to express our freedom.

Especially in the United States, we want it our way. No impositions. No restrictions.

But worship always comes with sacrifice. If we demand on putting ourselves in the center of worship, the sacrifice is context. Our perspective is limited. We can talk ourselves into being right, but that doesn’t mean we are.

I choose God. He’s trustworthy. I’ve learned through struggles, disbelief, adventures, and choices. He continues to be consistent even when I’m not.

When I worship him with my daily life, I am equipped and encouraged. I have the weapons I need. I have access to the tools I need, and they change with shifting situations. I have artistic tools that invite me to create and express, reflecting the beauty and the heartache within and around me.

Worship strengthens and truth-checks me.

I am grateful.

4 thoughts on “The What and Why of Worship”

  1. Your insight is God – given through His Spirit. What a gift you are to the Body of Christ. I am sorry for the heartache you express, but I praise God for His redemptive ability to transform our pain into healing for others. Thank you for continuing your daily sharing. I find every metaphor and illustration are so inspirational.

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