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Simply a Sticky System

photo-1586473219010-2ffc57b0d282I’m all about the sticky notes, but people, please use them wisely.

I realize sticky notes are not of utmost importance in our society, especially with all we have going right now, but I needed a break. So, this is my public service announcement for the day: Use sticky notes wisely.

I was recently in someone’s office who loves sticky notes. She uses them for everything and sticks them everywhere. I saw names and phone numbers, log in information, reminders of bills to pay (from who knows when), steps for processes, and notes that didn’t seem to make sense to me. I am fairly certain many of those same notes didn’t make sense to the office dweller. There wasn’t a color system or a placement system. I could have moved the majority of the notes, made a few of my own, and taken several away, yet not be discovered for days or weeks.

I’m all about sticky notes, but if you’re going to use more than a few at a time, you need a system. Sticky notes are intended to simplify your life, not clutter it more.

I wonder how many other things are like that, yet we misuse them. How many things are intended to help us simplify, yet we make it all much more complicated?

Today, if you get stressed, overwhelmed, or confused, take a breath and consider what you can simplify.

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