My Life with God

Avoiding the Unintended

photo-1589738864747-d23616f2bdedI was avoiding the backyard. It was the place my pup and I had enjoyed time together, and I was still a little sensitive over losing her. I had flowers to water but usually did so after dark. But one day, my schedule wouldn’t allow it. I needed to water in the morning. I was surprised by the color in the back of the yard. It created a backdrop behind where I usually found my pup resting. The bushes were blooming and dripping in beautiful colors.

I smiled.

Sometimes there is beauty in the context of what we’re avoiding. Of course, I wasn’t avoiding the beauty of my backyard, but I was still missing it. Until that morning. Now, I’ve spent more time in my backyard throughout the days. There is still some sadness, but in the context of memories and growing beauty, I find joy.

What are you avoiding right now? What concerns are driving your decisions? What hesitancy are you allowing to potentially block beauty in your life?

Taking the next steps might not be comfortable or easy, but finding joy is always worthwhile.


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