My Life with God

Walking in the Grass

photo-1559532024-e66ee8836bd2Around the time my granddaughter started walking on her own, she decided she didn’t like to touch grass. She did okay if she was sitting still in it, but she was then stuck. She didn’t want to crawl through it, and she didn’t want to put her hands on it to help her stand up and walk. I watched her one day, and she reminded me to consider, “What do we let hold us down?”

What are we determined not to do (or do) that ends up limiting us?

It was only a few weeks later when she left the sidewalk and walked barefoot through the grass as if she had always enjoyed it. Who knows what changed her mind, but she decided to move on.

Some limits are good. They create protective boundaries we need for a brief season or longer. Other limits get in our way.




We need to pay attention to the limits we have in our lives, then be intentional about them. If they’ve outlived their effectiveness, we need to stand up and move beyond them so we can enjoy the freedom of feeling grass between our toes.


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