My Life with God

Clouds of Beauty

I went for a drive the last full day of the writing retreat. It was cloudy and misting. We had some gorgeous days; why go on a drive on one of the messy ones? Some might say it would be disappointing to not have a great day for a drive.

Not me. Not at all. There is plenty of beauty in the cloudiness. The lighting is different. I pay attention to different things. A rainy day is as beautiful as a sunny day, just in different ways.

The following morning, I left early. Fog had settled into the hills. It seemed dense, but it was primarily just in that one area. Then I had a beautiful view. I could see pockets of fog nestled between hills. I drove in and out of it several times.

My mind felt the same. I had wrestled with the writing process, thoughts, interactions, and a couple restless nights—nothing major but it felt so good to go for a drive the last day then drive in and out of beautiful fog as I left the area. It is always a transition to be away for the retreat then transition into daily life again.

Fog settles in around us, and there is still beauty. Clouds roll in and rain obscures our view, and there is still beauty. No matter what is happening within and around you today, determine to see God’s provision is powerful, beautiful, creative ways.

2 thoughts on “Clouds of Beauty”

  1. Love this. We are kindred souls I think. On a trip now in the Smokey Mountains (staying in Pigeon Forge just outside of the actual national park), and snatching moments to work on an assignment for a short course I am taking. So much going on now in my life it is hard to know where to start! But I am savoring the change in scenery before going back to the craziness that is my life.

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