My Life with God


This photo has been shared by many of my social media friends. I’m not certain of its source. But it makes me smile.

It’s an example of how we like so many popular sayings or quotes. We claim them as our mantras. We post them and share them (and I’m including snippets of Scripture—often out of context but exactly in the context we want applied).

Claiming, posting, and sharing aren’t bad things in and of themselves.

There are many things this young girl could have “believed she could and so she did” and had great results because of it—results that strengthened her, encouraged others, and displayed sound character.

But there are others options (and results) of whatever “she believed she could and so she did.”

We need to pay attention to what we’re claiming and projecting. Even when based in truth, we need to consider how something could be misapplied or misunderstood. We don’t want to apply the right truth at the wrong time. We don’t want to boldly speak into a situation that makes matters worse and harms people in the long run, just as we don’t want to be so meek that we lose our voice, and more importantly, the voice of faith and truth.

There is a time to confront and a time to listen and engage in respectful conversation. There is a time for accountability and a time for mercy.

There is always time for faith. There is always time for truth. And there is always time to apply the wisdom God so graciously provides.

There is also always time for time-outs, including those provided by God.

Let’s filter our thoughts and words, including each timing and response, through him.

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