My Life with God

Before You Retweet

“Headlines don’t tell the full story. You can read the article on Twitter before Retweeting. Learn more.”

Yes, please. That’s what popped up when I recently tried to retweet an article. I had seen some of the content on another social media site, so I was comfortable sharing it, but I still clicked to “learn more” because I wanted to see what the new process was. Maybe it’s not a new process; I rarely retweet links. But I liked this new accountability.

How would we respond if there was a check that reminded us, “Are you sure you want to share?” Not just on social media, but in everyday conversations. It shocks me how often I hear people declare something is fake, unfounded, a bunch of lies, and so on. Yet those same people will quickly share what they believe to be true without the consideration of its validity. We share what we like. We need to be better. Even when we seek truth, we’ll distort it at times. Even when our intentions are good, we’re wrong at times. Let’s not give up and give in. Let’s at least make some effort.

People get irritated when social media posts are taken down, but we also get irritated if lies and hate are allowed to be spread. If we can’t be trusted to filter our own selves, maybe we need some help. We need the right kind of help. I like the idea of accountability in the “Are you sure you want to share?” I mean, I don’t always like it because it means I have to close my mouth when I’d rather speak out or speak up when I’m tired of the whole situation. But I still want accountability. I want the pause. I want the reminder. I want to take responsibility. And even though a pop up doesn’t come up every time I’m in a conversation, God will. I understand trusting God isn’t the most popular notion right now, but he is the most trustworthy truth-check I have ever known. Some might ask, “Why would you trust him? Does he even exist? How do you know you can trust him?” Because I do. I don’t mean to sound simplistic, because my faith journey hasn’t been simple. But I haven’t reached where I am because I took an easy road. I haven’t reached where I am because I didn’t question and doubt and wrestle. I haven’t reached where I am because I’ve had it easy. God’s been through a lot with me. Maybe that’s the wrong way to phrase it. No matter what I’ve been through, God has been present, generous, consistent, and dependable. And I trust him.

Be sure you know what and who is checking you every time you share or speak—or even think. You need some accountability. We all do.

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