My Life with God


Every year, I unsubscribe. I nearly always do it in January, but sometimes it’s other times of the year, too. Basically, anything that comes into my inbox gets considered. Is it communication I need to keep? If I only need it occasionally, could I reconnect when needed? How can I streamline to get some unimportant noise out of my life?

I don’t just consider what I’m most comfortable or consistent with, because I could be off track. We sometimes want to ask, “Do I use this?,” but we need to consider what we don’t use but should. How can we change and grow? Sometimes that’s grasping onto and subscribing to things. Sometimes it’s letting go of and unsubscribing to things.

We can think about our connections to people the same way. Just because a relationship is difficult and someone we love is creating turmoil because they’re going through a tough time isn’t affirmation that we need to let go. That person might need our consistency and compassion even though they have difficulty accepting or appreciating it. And sometimes we truly do need to let go. If the person shows no desire to change and continues to lash out, deceive, and betray or harm us, it might be time to pause or walk away.

What’s coming into your email inbox, messages, social media stream, or everyday routine that needs to change right now? Assess well, and take action. The choices you make today affect your tomorrows.

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