My Life with God


How often have you found yourself frustrated by not being used by God?

Perhaps you’re not sure of your purpose, how he is preparing you, or when he will put you in the position you feel he has promised. But have you ever considered you might be missing out on embracing how he is using you right now because you can’t see it or simply want more or different?

Being willing to be used by God is paramount. It is much more important than our limited perspective of how we’re being used. If you’re willing, he will work in your life. Even when you’re not willing, he’s invested.

We don’t need to connect all the dots to know there’s a picture the dots create. We don’t even know where all the dots are yet, because we haven’t lived them all. Let’s be attentive enough to see the glimpses he’s giving us. Let’s trust God enough to know he’s creating a beautiful image—not only through our lives but so many others. We can’t embrace the entire view, but we can embrace God’s presence and provision right where we are.

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