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Blizzard Beauty


The Blizzard of 1978. I was ten years old, and I remember it well. (If you’re doing the math, the graphic says 42 years when it was actually 43 years ago. A Facebook friend had shared the post from a year ago.)

As soon as I saw the post, I thought of my own similar photo. After being snowed in for several days, a snow plow finally cleared our country road. It was just one lane, but several of us jumped in the truck to make a quick trip to town for supplies before the wind drifted the snow and made the road impassable again. We stopped long enough to snap a picture to document the height of the snow.

It wasn’t the last time we were snowed in for several days, but it was the most snow I remember. And as a kid, I thought it was cool. Plenty of sledding opportunities. Plenty of time to read or play games. A really cool snow fort with tunnels we could work on for days without worry of melting or collapse. I know my parents had other concerns—wondering if the electricity would go out and dealing with livestock and other farm responsibilities. ATVs weren’t popular at the time. Farm implements were simpler than today and everyone didn’t have their own snow plow attachments. We didn’t have to worry about the WiFi going out; it didn’t exist. Television was limited, so if it went out or reception was full of static, we were used to other options.

It all seemed beautiful and simple even though it was a trying time that created many challenges for people. Both perspectives of a situation can be accurate. We need to see both in order to see accurately. If we don’t, we crop bits of reality.

Why is this important since most of us are never going to live through such an extensive blizzard in our lifetimes? Because we can apply the same principles to just about any challenge we face. We need to see the potential beauty as well as the problems to solve. We need to enjoy the unique moments we can, while we take responsibility for problem-solving. Both are opportunities. Both help us grow. Both help us appreciate God’s provision.

Today, appreciate the beauty in situations and relationships. Also, acknowledge the challenges that you can embrace in healthy ways to take responsibility. The two work alongside each other to provide opportunities for growth and gratitude.

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