My Life with God

The Reality of Empathy

Those who lack empathy will never understand reality.

It doesn’t mean someone who lacks empathy will not have their own perspective and consider it reality; in fact, that’s what we all do regardless of the traits we lack. What we know becomes our reality—and it is indeed a portion of reality. We are not capable of seeing the complete reality around us and fully experiencing it. But empathy certainly opens our minds and hearts to make connections with others that have more to do with us and our than me and mine. Our perspective is widened through others’ experiences. We realize we don’t have to personally experience and understand everything; we can engage in a broader world when we authentically engage with others—with wisdom, of course. Embracing everything isn’t smart or helpful or healthy, but sometimes it takes us a bit of time to filter and determine the truth and trustworthiness of another perspective or experience.

Without empathy, we get defensive. We get self-righteous. We get dismissive. We get less—less growth, less perspective, less practice in applying wisdom. Empathy is a powerful multiplier and microscope. It is a powerful combination of expanding what we see and focusing on what is most important to see. Empathy is a wide mouthed funnel with a powerful and filter of truth.

We must to be willing to open our minds, hearts, and souls.

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