My Life with God

When Blisters are Blessings

I walked a lot in one day. It wasn’t a walk focused on exercise, although it was a lot of exercise. It was more relaxed walking. It was a gorgeous day to spend with people I care about. I knew we would take at least one walk to a nearby market. I wore shoes appropriate for limited walking. Those shoes were not appropriate for the amount of miles we ended up walking.

I ended up with blisters.

I wouldn’t change a thing. Every step was worth it.

Blisters can indicate we’re not well prepared. We end up doing something we didn’t foresee, or we don’t set limits that might have helped us. But sometimes, pushing past limits is worth the risk. And being prepared isn’t always possible; we can’t foresee everything ahead. We can be overwhelmed by that as well as pleasantly surprised and beneficially challenged.

Don’t be paralyzed by preparation. It’s important but not fully possible in every situation. Some of our greatest growth and gratitude comes in the moments that rub the soft parts of ourselves.

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