My Life with God

Let’s Share

I recently asked for input for blog posts. I had just written the post about a man asking for advice and primarily focused on people not listening to what was asked and answering how they preferred. I wanted to extend the invitation to consider what people were thinking, what questions were they asking, and what struggles were in front of them. I wanted to invite conversation and shared investment.

I want to invite others’ perspectives and experiences. Mine is what I know, but one thing I know it’s partial. I don’t understand or embrace everything. I’m not even aware of everything. No matter how much we try to expose ourselves to a wide variety of information and perspectives, we are limited. We have to make choices. We leave some things out—sometimes purposefully and sometimes not. But as we invite others to share, my partial perspective and others’ partial perspective combine for a bit more fuller perspective. Some of what we share will be contradictory. Some will be complementary. Some will be mutually exclusive.

As we continue to engage with people, our combined efforts and perspectives will not make up the whole. Only God determines and knows the truth in its entirety. And he is the one who pours into us individually. He is passionate about community, and he will bring us together. He values humility, generosity, and respect and uses that context to speak to us together. He utilizes our relationships, and we miss out when we dismiss the interactions he leads us into.

Let’s not miss out, not because we have a fear of missing out but because we want to embrace everything in intends for us. We can’t be passive about it. We need to engage. We need to listen. We need to respect and share. With God and with others.

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