My Life with God

Doorstep Drop

A friend with a home business made a set of two cups for my friend and her toddler. She was generous enough to offer to drop them off on my porch, including a box to make shipping easy. I didn’t see the box when I got home from work. I checked before I went to bed, and it wasn’t there. I assumed my friend got delayed.

When I got home from work the following day, the box still wasn’t there. Because I wanted to get several things in the mail to my friend, I made contact again to inquire about the box. She had dropped it off, but after a few message exchanges, we realized she might have left it at the wrong house. I thought it was funny (as long as I could locate the box); she was a bit more concerned.

I’m thankful for a friendly neighborhood. I walked to the house that looks similar to mine, and they immediately knew why I was there. They had asked another neighbor about the out-of-place box a couple hours earlier, and I was going to be the next stop. I took the box home, packed other items in it, and mailed it the next day.

Sometimes we have to search for what is ours. We need to ask for help. We need to connect with others. It’s not so much about the tangible things but the opportunities and responsibilities we have, especially in faith. God gives us opportunities and responsibilities, but he doesn’t always deliver them to our doorsteps. He wants us to leave the comfort of our routine and seek him. We wants us to trust his provision and guidance. And he often involves other people in the search, because relationships are important to him.

I was glad to have the opportunity to connect and laugh with neighbors I rarely interact with more than a wave. And I’m glad they were kind enough to keep the package!

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