My Life with God

The Center and The Context

As I prepared to speak—and I’ve had a similar experience when serving God in a variety of ways—I knew I needed to focus on God and his purpose for what would be next. I know he’ll always provide through the preparation, but I must seek him and pinpoint the center of where he wants me to be. It can be a challenge.

As I try to focus, I run the risk of something else—becoming too focused and losing the context and broader perspective. It’s a combination.

I woke up the morning I was scheduled to speak and prayed. As I got ready to leave, I walked through the overview of what I planned to say to remind myself of the flow. I got in the car and continued to focus on the content and the posture of my heart. I often repeatedly pray, “More of you, God, and less of me” as I prepare to serve in a public way, because I don’t want the attention to ever be about me. I want to be a vessel, transparent so that others see and hear God.

As I drove, the beautiful sunlight and spring colors beckoned my attention, only it wasn’t as a distraction. I began to look around and enjoy the surroundings. I was on an unfamiliar road, and I noticed so many details. The colors and activities gave me the context of the truth God prepared for me to speak instead of distracting me away from it. I saw the people he created, knowing nothing else about them but knowing their value because of who he is. I saw the spring growth of nature with bursts of colors and shapes. I was overwhelmed by God’s presence and provision, both within my soul and mind and outside the window in the world he created.

The focus of who God is within the breadth and depth and height of who he is amazes me. He is, as well as my relationship with him, so simple yet complex. I arrived at my destination with a full heart, not for myself but to share with others for him. He is my center, and he is my context.

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