My Life with God

The Butterfly Tree

I planted a new tree last year. I’m not a gardener. I love the beauty of plants, but I’m not someone who takes charge in planting and nourishing them.

Except sometimes I am, like this tree.

Not that there’s a lot I had to do with it, but I knew the first winter was important. I was glad when it seemed to take root in late fall. I watered it well until the ground froze. And I was glad when it seemed to survive the winter, then spring storms. It’s still a small tree, and I wasn’t sure I’d see any blooms this first year, so the green leaves that seemed to pop overnight made me smile. But then the blooms actually appeared, and they weren’t just any blooms: they looked like butterflies perched all over the tree.

Butterflies have always portrayed a beauty and strength to me. As a young girl, I often doodled a caterpillar under my name. My friend group decided we each needed a trademark, and the caterpillar was mine. Years later, I was drawn to the beauty of butterflies for a variety of reasons, more as a symbol than collecting realistic butterflies. The butterfly became associated with much of my writing. My writing journey reflects much of my real life journey, and it includes transformation, strength, beauty, and freedom. And now, my little tree was covered with the reminder. Its position right in front of my home is a constant reminder of God’s beauty and provision throughout my life. And I am thankful.

Be sure to look for the details around you today. You might just find some important reminders blooming all around you.

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