My Life with God

It’s Extravagantly Simple.

You either didn’t think of me, or you thought of me and you just didn’t care, and I can’t decide which is worse.

I can relate. Not that it’s been a pervasive experience in my life, but it was definitely overwhelming and confusing when it came from the person who had portrayed himself and his care differently.

When I saw the graphic with this statement, I didn’t think of myself as much as others who I know are still in that crushing situation. Either somebody they trusted turned on them or someone has chronically disrespected and betrayed them. And within a couple hours, I ran across the graphic in this post.

It might seem as if it goes along with the opening quote, but it actually made me step back and check myself. Honestly? I love the cake on the right. It’s clean. Simple. Purposeful. I’m okay with receiving the basic cake.

I try to give abundant love and care to others. I have found sometimes people receive that love and care as the over-the-top, beautifully-decorated cake. And it’s fine that’s how they receive what I offer. But it’s not because of my efforts. It’s not because I can create something amazing for them or that I even try at times. My expression is more basic. Instead of expanding the idea of how I can express love and care for others, it is more of a focus on the basics. It is taking away the show, the expectation, and sharing authentically. It is seeking a pure love and care and expressing it in a way the other person can receive well. It is both simple and extravagant. It is comforting and familiar as well as surprising.

I find God’s love to be the same. So simple yet so extravagant.

May you experience love and care in this way today, whether that experience is in how you express or receive love.

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