My Life with God

A Moment to Breathe

I know so many hurting right now, struggling to deal with a lot, feeling as if others don’t see their challenges or blatantly disrespect their opinions and approach to meet all that is facing them in the best way they see. We rant. We reject. We judge.

Give others pause to breathe. Give yourself pause to breathe. Breath is a gift. Breath is life-sustaining. Breath is often taken for granted.

On this Friday, I invite you to pause, listen, and worship as you breathe. Don’t stubbornly push forward. Be intentional in preparation. Trust God to provide and sustain.

This goes out to the worried
This goes out to the stressed
Sorting out a million thoughts running through your head

To everyone that’s waiting
For better days ahead
Tired and frustrated and leaving words unsaid

Please don’t hold your breath

Just breathe
‘Cause it’s a miracle we can breathe
There’s power in the way that we breathe
Release your heavy burdens

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