My Life with God

I Hope So!

Divorce didn’t change you a bit.

Yikes, I sure hope it did! 

I understood the sentiment behind the comment. She was basically saying, “I’m glad it didn’t make you bitter. Your foundation wasn’t shaken. I still feel as if I know you and appreciate your consistency.” I knew she was complimenting me, and I received it as such, but I mulled it later. I was certainly thankful as well, but I never want to go through any experience without allowing it to change me. There is too much to learn, too much healing to invite, too much faith to grow. 

I most definitely have changed—in ways I am thankful. While my foundation might not have been destroyed, the explosion and cleanup wore on me. That stable foundation had little to do with me and everything to do with God. My faith was most definitely tested, but I knew God would remain—not because of my feelings or efforts but because of his character. It’s who he is.

Welcoming change isn’t easy. Faith is beautifully flexible, because we grow with God as (1) we invite and allow him and (2) he prepares us and knows we are ready. And even if the high winds, flying debris, and even catastrophic effects that topple pieces oo us, the cornerstone remains.

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