My Life with God

Give It Away

We have truly learned a thing when we can give it away.

We sometimes think learning is a process of gathering, as if accumulating information, familiarity, and skill is the crux of learning. But learning isn’t selfish. If learning only benefits us, we need to keep our learning in check. Even when well-intentioned, learning turned inward can become something it wasn’t intended to be. Stagnancy is never healthy. The more we hang on and internalize, the less checks and balances we have, and the less we live well with others.

Learning is generous. Learning is humble. We share, not because we are masters but because we are students who want to learn with others. We want to encourage people where they are. We want to equip people with the lessons, skills, insights, and understanding we’ve experienced.

I consider the best teachers I’ve experienced. They are more focused on helping others learn than they are on expressing their expertise. Even if considered an expert or master in a specific field, they humbly recognize they can continue to learn.

In my life, God is the greatest teacher, and even with his authority, he humbled himself. The way Jesus taught was certain yet humble. He met people where they were. He taught in ways they could understand (if they were willing).

We can’t get it right all the time, but we can certainly live well as we learn, giving away what we have.

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