My Life with God

Humble Strength

Pride is destructive—individually, relationally, and organizationally. We often mistake pride for boldness and strength in leadership. It is not pride that is strong but humility. Humility provides strength, because it is a yielding to God’s strength.

When we neglect or refuse humility, we set ourselves up for a fall, even if it doesn’t come for some time or we refuse to connect the dots. Instead, we blame someone else for the consequences. We turn away instead of facing the truth. In other words, we hang onto our pride, and it costs us. It costs us relationships, character, and faith.

When we’re humble, as difficult as it can be at times, we might not be able to reverse time and effects, but we can move forward into healing and redemption. We can ask for forgiveness and forgive others. Humility doesn’t fix everything; it positions us to grow. Humility invites us to learn more about ourselves, those around us, and God. Humility might seem like a lowly position, but it is one of the biggest, most impactful postures we can choose.

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