My Life with God

You Are Queso

50867099_385461358878872_7793438014593359892_nI have to modify this statement, because I’m not a guac fan. But I’ll take queso every time over salsa. Of course, that’s not the point. It’s about acknowledging your value and not letting others define you as less than you are. And that’s important.

But…as much as we shouldn’t downplay our value, we need to also be careful not to puff ourselves up with pride and a self-worth that distorts reality. We can have self-dignity with humility. Knowing your value doesn’t come from assigning your preferred value – high or low – to yourself but by seeking and acknowledged the truth of who God created you to become. Your worth is in him, and you do not need to throw that value in someone else’s face. His value always involves humility.

God might have you walk away from someone or move in a direction that is closer to him, where you can find and honor him more deeply. But when you walk away from someone or something for other, selfish reasons and define your own “I deserve” proclamations, you will not be genuinely more fulfilled. You will not grow as much or get as healthy as you will with God.

In order to truly know your value, you need to know God. Trust his truth. Then respond with a bold humility in both the ways you interact with others and the ways you see and handle yourself.

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