My Life with God

The Mystery of Faith

We can be certain about some aspects of our faith, but it isn’t always the certainty we seek.

Sometimes we seek mystery.

Healthy faith seeks both certainty and mystery. We know. We question. We accept. We correct. We doubt. We relearn. We persevere, not in stubbornness but in patience and persistence.

Information is easily-accessible, so we think we should have it in every area of our lives. We think if we don’t know, we haven’t tried. Or if we don’t understand, we can’t trust. But we cannot grasp, know, and understand it all, especially as we seek God. He invites us to become familiar with him, but he is also beyond us. He is both personal and mysterious, not because he hides from us but because he is beyond. He created us, yet we often try to create him in our own confines. We want a faith (and a God) who behaves on our terms. If we can’t fit him in, we reject him or mold him. But when we not only accept the mystery of him but seek the mystery of him, our faith grows. Our faith grows deeply and broadly. We become familiar with what we see and what we don’t. We can’t fully diagram God or our faith, but we trust his design.

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