My Life with God

The Winding Road


It was the second time I’d been on the winding road. It didn’t seem to make sense that it was winding, because there was nothing preventing it from being a straight road. The short stretch had no roadside houses or businesses. I didn’t notice any oddities in the utilities. The land was flat. It was simply a drive through tall trees with gorgeous colors and filtering light.

And that was the answer, or at least part of the answer. 

The winding road was designed for people to slow down and enjoy. It seems odd in our shortest-path-between-two-points culture. We want shortcuts, not just to drive but to live. Results often edge out experience and process. But our paths often reflect our purpose. 

Our paths are not simply a means to a destination but an invitation to enjoy—or rest, heal, prepare, notice, encounter, help, and so on. 

When we begin to see our paths with purpose, we find appreciation, joy, and/or purpose. We learn, we grow, we step forward with intention and attention. 

Notice the shapes and directions of your paths today.

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